Excalibur Group’s knowledgeable and diverse electrical team works directly with clients to ensure that various pieces of medical equipment, including MRIs, CTs, X-rays, Mammos, Ultrasounds etc. function correctly in a variety of circumstances.

Our team proudly brings more than 55 years of experience in all areas related to electrical work, including:

Medium & high voltage electrical work

Computer & phone network wiring

Providing temporary electricity & lighting for new construction sites

DC lighting system

Installation of transformers & generators

Isolated ground rooms for MRI rooms

Installing MRI safe cameras

Medical equipment life support


Excalibur Group’s electrical team is fully prepared and available for any emergency or troubleshooting situation. The team can handle any high pressure situation by responding and providing:

Implementation and design of emergency power supply

The provision of temporary power for mobile MRI trailers and units

Troubleshooting and repairs to miscellaneous equipment


Excalibur Group’s electrical team is licensed to operate in your area. Our team is proficient in all fields related to electrical work from blueprint reading and design, to installation and implementation, including:

Completion of electrical work as it is being designed in order to provide knowledgeable feedback to engineering.

Collaboration with local utility companies.

Collaboration with other trades

Standard practice to complete work with very minimal downtime.

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