Spartan Shielding, LLC. Announces Availability of Modular Isolation Chambers for Hospital Patients and Staff Fighting COVID-19   

Fully Configurable and Fitted with Air Purification Equipment, ‘Safe Sleep’ Cabins Give Healthcare Workers a Safe Haven to Rest

PERTH AMBOY, NJ – April 13, 2020 – Spartan Shielding, LLC., a full-service shielding company serving the medical, government/military and industrial sectors, announced today a modular isolation chamber ideal for medical staff or patients in hospitals and other healthcare facilities on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

Designed by the company’s in house team of architects, engineers and construction experts, the isolation rooms can be configured to any size and used in hospitals or in any facility needing to separate individuals and provide a safe haven to rest, or treat. Cabins can be set up with a negative air or positive air configuration. 

The World Health Organization reported in UN News on April 7 that COVID-19 has caused “unprecedented levels of overwork by nurses, particularly those specialized in intensive care units, those in management or those most directly involved in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, oftentimes without adequate time for rest and recuperation, without support and assistance, with limited considerations for their mental health and wellbeing.”   

“Our whole purpose is about improving and saving lives,” said Geoff Pierini, CEO of Spartan Shielding and its parent company, Excalibur Group. “We’ve been in the healthcare design and construction industry for 25 years and are very in touch with the needs of doctors, nurses and employees in healthcare, especially in the New York market. This is something we can do to provide a place for them to take off their protective gear, rest and get a little peace of mind.”

Spartan is now seeking interest in the solution from hospitals and government agencies overseeing emergency response to COVID-19.

“Typical isolation rooms take a lot more time to fabricate, whereas one of these chambers only takes an hour to build,” noted John Vas, Spartan Shielding’s COO, who led the design effort to use materials that could be easily wiped down or cleaned after use. Because COVID-19 can linger on metal, the units use finishes such as anti-microbial paint that can be easily wiped down, sprayed or fogged. 

D&B Building Solutions in Bloomfield, NJ, and Global Plasma Solutions (GPS), an indoor air quality technology company in Charlotte, NC, supplied the air cleaning technology.

“We work with about every hospital in the New York and New Jersey area – whatever we can do to help healthcare workers and keep Coronavirus from spreading, we will,” explained Edward O’Connor, partner, D&B Building Solutions. 

Spartan’s isolation chamber offers air change which exceeds the U.S. minimum requirement of 12 air changes per hour for isolation-negative pressure rooms.  The air intake chamber includes two filters and an Ionizer for standalone operation. The modules can also be easily ducted to an outside air source, which is highly recommended for COVID-19 application. 

GPS’s air cleaning technology reduces particulates and destroys pathogens as validated in CDC- and third-party certified labs.   

“We’ve focused on advancing the technology with a real commitment to testing, validation and research,” said Kevin Boyle, VP of Marketing, GPS. “We consider applications like Spartan’s that help first responders to be high priority and are reserving inventory for these applications whenever possible.”

Modules ship flat and are easily assembled on site. Lighting and ventilation are plug and play and can be plugged into any wall outlet. Spartan also offers field office chambers that can be set up inside existing facilities.

Units can be insulated and finished for exterior placement. Any of the units can be configured for negative air flow for patient isolation.

Pierini credited his company’s ability to innovate quickly to the fact that the company does not rely on subcontractors, but employs a full inhouse team of electrical, HVAC, engineering, and millworks experts on site. A core team designed the prototype in late in March at the company’s Perth Amboy fabrication shop (read blog article for more details). 

About Spartan Shielding, LLC.

Spartan Shielding is a full-service shielding company with internal manufacturing capabilities for radio frequency, magnetic and radiation protection systems. With headquarters in Perth Amboy, NJ, Spartan Shielding provides shielding solutions to the healthcare industry, including RadNet, a nationwide network of outpatient imaging centers. Spartan Shielding is part of the Excalibur Group of Companies, a leader in healthcare design and construction for the last 25 years. Excalibur offers turn-key construction, with in-house capabilities including architectural, engineering, interior decorating, project management and all aspects of construction. Learn more at or

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