Leadership Team

Geoffrey Pierini


Mr. Pierini’s background in health care infrastructure construction spans two decades, having managed over $100 million in projects. Epitomizing great strength in problem solving and logistics and demonstrating additional focus on pre-planning and risk management, Mr. Pierini continues to drive the success and growth of the company. Mr. Pierini has an extensive background in the pre-installation construction phase of diagnostic and surgical device installations across a broad range of platforms and manufacturers. Mr. Pierini has cultivated a specialized knowledge of the regulatory environments overseeing the healthcare and medical device industries. From project conception to completion, Mr. Pierini brings invaluable skill and resources to each project Excalibur Group assumes.

Kathryn Pierini

VP of Operations

A graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology with a Master of Science degree in Construction Management, Kathryn is a highly experienced professional with numerous major design and construction projects to her credit. Possessing impeccable managerial skills and medical device installation knowledge, she has worked on such projects as the complete renovation of the Union Imaging Center in Union, NJ, where she was responsible for the pricing and ordering of all mechanical equipment and the scheduling of day and night crews for HVAC installations. She also was central to the installations performed at the Carroll County Medical Office Building in Westminster, MD. During this 1.1 million dollar medical imaging undertaking, Kathryn was assigned vital duties such as receiving and organizing sub-contractor bids. Kathryn has a thorough understanding of what each job entails and is driven to ensure that each job is a success.

Kathryn is proud that she’s been able to put both her degrees (BS in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Construction Management) to good use at Excalibur Group. She is passionate about schedules and completing projects efficiently, on-time and on-budget — which serves her well when assisting clients with problems on the job site and getting things done on tight deadlines. Her clients love her ability to jump in when needed, and her enthusiasm for solving problems.

Victor Bonfiglio

General Manager

Bringing with him over 30 years of Construction Operations experience, Victor Bonfiglio joined Excalibur Group, LLC in 2009 and currently serves as the General Manager. Victor is Excalibur’s “go-to” guru who can handle anything and everything. His experience as an employee and a business owner has afforded him an extensive background in operations, staff and budget management. Victor is a registered New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor, holds an OSHA jobsite safety certificate and is experienced in USGBC/ LEED and EnergyStar Programs.

Victor is passionate about his family and being involved in the future of Excalibur Group’s continued success. He loves to keep projects rolling forward by staying positive, keeping safety and budget as top priorities on the job, and tackling seemingly impossible tasks with gusto. Our clients love his forward-looking vision and ability to keep a project running smoothly.

Francesco Salerno

Director of Architecture and Engineering

Joining Excalibur Group in 2011, Francesco Salerno currently serves as the Director of Architecture and Engineering. Francesco brings a vast amount of multidisciplinary knowledge to the team with over 14 years experience in designing medical facilities and working on large scale residential projects as well as several commercial developments. He obtained his Bachelor of Architecture degree from NJIT in 2001. Additionally, Francesco has performed LEED design work in the areas of commercial design and construction. His experience in both design and construction makes him a great lead for the creation of drawings for all projects.

Francesco has an education in architecture and engineering, as well as decades of experience in the field. Our clients love his ability to work efficiently under time constraints. His experience in both design and construction allows him to consider any project from multiple perspectives. Francesco is passionate about a beautifully crafted and well planned project. When all the pieces fall into place because the plan is solid and well executed — that’s what he strives for every day.

Scott Fertig

President of FRG (Facility Resource Group)

Holding professional licenses in NY and NJ, Scott possesses over 20 years of hands-on experience as a consulting engineer and project manager. He has faced virtually every challenge and has expertly designed MEP systems at some of the nation’s top medical facilities, including Memorial Sloan Kettering, Staten Island University Hospital and Richmond University Medical Center. Scott’s expertise has been called upon by various state, local and federal agencies, including discerning clients such as the NYC Housing Authority, the NY Power Authority and the Port Authority of NY/NJ. Scott’s responsibilities range from developing scope and coordinating design with hospital administration and architects to overseeing installation. His system installation endeavors total over $17 million in value.

At home, Scott’s family is his greatest joy, and he loves spending quality time with his children. At work, Scott is first and foremost a problem solver — he loves challenges and finds enormous satisfaction in finding the perfect solution to a difficult problem. Since our client’s facilities are in different types of buildings, (i.e. office, residential, high-rise, free standing) we are constantly challenged to find locations for the mechanical equipment and medical equipment that will meet the needs of each individual site — and Scott is always ready to tackle each challenge.

Steve Caputo

Director of New Jersey Operations

Joining Excalibur Group in 2016, Steve Caputo brought with him over 30 years of Construction Operations experience. His extensive background includes overseeing construction projects in high-security government sectors as well as the commercial and residential sectors. As the New Jersey Operations Manager for Excalibur, Steve is responsible for managing the scheduling and miscellaneous demands of keeping a facility operational during the construction phase. He strives to provide quality services with integrity to clients throughout the entire process. Steve currently holds an HP Black Seal and is OSHA 10 and 30 certified.

Steve is passionate in his professional life about providing quality and integrity to clients at every turn. In his personal life he’s passionate about his faith and family. His biggest professional accomplishment: Bayonne Imaging Center is a 9000 sq. ft. multi-modality facility. Working with Excalibur on the Bayonne project. He has been been the Senior PM from the start of this project in August of 2016. He has covered every aspect of the Bayonne project, including union workforce and multiple client contacts. After nine months of working on the project, he can see the fruit of his labor. His biggest personal accomplishment: Obtaining his Instructor 2nd degree black belt in martial arts.

One of the biggest problems Steve solves for our clients is scheduling and the demands of keeping the facility operational during the construction phase. His thoroughness and follow-up, respect for others, and knowledge of the field are admired by all. Consistency in delivering projects on time and within budget, while working with his team — this is what sets him apart.

He is good at adapting to different scenarios and sub-fields within the construction industry. He’s worked in public and private sectors; as a director, a senior project manager, and a regional project manager; on military bases, healthcare facilities, high rises, schools, environmental remediation, abatements, and more. He’s been able to learn quickly and excel with each new experience.

In addition his experience and enthusiasm for the job, he also has a long list of certifications, including: ISO Certification; EM385 Military Safety Protocol; Texas A&M Engineering Short Course Certification; Commercial & Industrial Blueprints Certification; Commercial Zoning Certification; Hazwoper 40; Scrum.

Thomas Herbert

Director of Mid-Atlantic Operations

Thomas Herbert is the Director of Mid-Atlantic Operations and joined Excalibur Group, LLC in 2010. With more than thirty years of experience in the construction industry, Thomas has successfully managed a significant number of medical equipment installations including MRIs, CTs, X-rays, mammos, ultrasounds & multi-modality facilities. In order to ensure the success of each project, Thomas works closely with project managers and stakeholders to coordinate timelines and material placement. He thrives on finding creative solutions to any challenge he faces and makes certain that his projects are consistently delivered on schedule.

Professionally, he’s passionate about managing projects and people in the Mid-Atlantic region. Personally, he’s passionate about spending quality time with family and friends. Accomplishments include his two grown sons, one who’s in College and the other who works with us here at XG.

At work, Thomas consistently finds creative solutions to the challenges that arise during our clients’ demanding projects, all the while keeping a positive attitude and the ability to keep morale up even when pushing his team to achieve their best. Thomas is also certified in MRI and X-Ray safety and holds an OSHA 10 certification card.

Al Conklin

Millwork Shop Manager

Serving as the Millwork Manager here at Excalibur Group, Al has over 35 years of experience in the cabinet making field and is a certified fabricator of Solid Surface Material. Al is consistent in expediting jobs, working on projects simultaneously and solving problems. He welcomes new challenges and takes great pride in completing projects on schedule and thrives on completing them ahead of time. In his role, Al manages and inspects every project from start to finish. This includes daily responsibilities which consist of cabinetry design, safety review, job scheduling, and project forecasting as well as the overseeing of manufacturing and finding solutions to various job challenges and changes.

At work, Al is passionate about sending final projects of quality and ensuring that every client is 100% satisfied. On a personal note, he cares about Tooling in the Township, an organization that helps handicapped individuals and families with hardships. He is also a competitive shooter with the National & State Shooting Program and became state champ. He enjoys tuna fishing at the Hudson Canyon and attending sporting events such as football (Giants) and baseball (Yankees). If he had a personal motto, it would be: We Can Do This!

His personal ethos is working hard with his team and appreciating that there is never a typical day; every day is different and welcomes a challenge. He feels that his easy-going attitude, honesty, hard work and dedication is why he is here today, and believes the Excalibur Group is a singular kind of organization. He enjoys working with the medical industry, including the behind-the-scenes work, and working in and around the industry while these facilities are up and in operation. He does not stop until the job is done!

Over his career, Al has received letters from townships, commending him on exceptional work performance and jobs well done.