Are you considering using the exceptional services and resources of Excalibur Group, LLC?

If so, you may have some questions. Please see our FAQ’s below, but feel free to also give our professionals a call at 1-888-541-4144 or email us at info@xgllc.com with any questions you may have.

Excalibur Group operates as a design-build construction company. What is that?

Most of our clients approach us with design-build construction projects, which means that not only do we build what the client has in their plans already, but we also design the client’s entire space. By combining our clients’ needs and concerns with our vast body of experience, our in-house architects consistently turn our clients’ visions into realities.

What industries does Excalibur Group specialize in?

We are a healthcare construction company that works specifically in the multifaceted imaging industry. This vital, demanding industry is one that requires tremendous knowledge and attention to detail, as the proper installation of the manufacturer’s equipment is critical due to the fact that it scans people’s bodies. This is a responsibility that we do not take lightly, and each and every project commands our dedicated focus. We are not a general contractor who works in commercial or residential spaces. Instead, we work specifically with hospitals, chains of imaging centers, and stand-alone imaging centers.

Where does Excalibur do the bulk of their work?

We are a national organization and have worked all over the US; however, the bulk of our recent work has been in the tri-state area as well as the Mid-Atlantic region. We have the ability to work wherever a project takes us, and we always consider the needs and schedules of the professionals who operate the facilities we’re working in. We work hard to avoid inconveniencing them and we strive to keep the project cost-friendly, which is why we developed the Turnkey Approach.

I've heard Excalibur refer to utilizing the Turnkey Approach. What does the term "turnkey" mean?

In Excalibur’s case, it means we complete all aspects of the project under one roof. We have an in-house mechanical, shielding, maintenance, millwork and engineering division. We provide the client with a full-service solution, which saves them time and money. They deal directly with one point of contact, and do not have to worry about various bids for each part of an extensive job.

A large installation can often result in a facility's standstill. How do you try to avoid this?

Two words: project planning. For each design and build package, we analyze the facility and work schedules of the facility’s staff in order to develop the best course of action. We know a facility is a business and must keep things moving. We also put in place budgetary goals of the project. In order to achieve greater control over timelines and budgets, and provide the best value, we select plans, materials and design/build methodologies that will best meet the budget expectations of the client.

What sets Excalibur apart from other healthcare construction companies?

In addition to the turnkey solution where we are able to competitively and successfully bid on all parts of a project, we also can boast about outstanding turnaround times. We aim to exceed clients’ expectations with each project; we have always delivered each project on time without sacrificing quality, efficiency or customer service. The personal involvement of Excalibur Group from a project’s inception to its completion truly makes a noticeable difference.

What is the most difficult project that Excalibur has taken on?

We love a challenge, and our biggest usually involves an abbreviated deadline – those immediate projects that need to be completed in a rapid timeframe. For instance, we recently completed a project for Capital Health of Trenton, NJ. We worked through the night, on weekends and even the span of a holiday to get the job done. Those types of special interest projects take the most intense, methodical planning and precise execution in order to meet the strict timelines that are in front of us.

What are some of the other projects you have in your portfolio?

We installed a Philips Bucky Diagnost Digital X-Ray in Yankee Stadium in Bronx, NY. In building their new stadium, one of their goals was to have a state-of-the art digital radiology suite on the premises to more quickly ascertain the musculoskeletal injuries of their players. They called on Excalibur to perform the installation, which has been a tremendous help for team physicians in diagnosing injuries, therefore having a positive effect on the recovery of the players.

We also handled the undertaking of the Philips Catheterization Lab of Rosetta Radiology in Manhattan. This entailed a complete re-design and renovation of a six story building, and called for the installation of a linear accelerator, a new MRI system, PET/CT system, Digital X-Ray and multi-modality women’s center. Although this project combined all of this state-of-the-art equipment with structural reinforcement of the existing building and the addition of 250,000 lbs. of lead lining, it was a budgetary success; we successfully kept the project cost under $2,000,000.

Another high profile project was the Carroll Hospital Women’s Center in Westminster, MD. The concern for women’s health has grown exponentially, and in order to keep pace, Carroll Hospital Center looked to Excalibur Group to expand their radiological services. This meant increasing their capacity for mammography, bone densitometry and other procedures targeting the health and wellness of women. We designed a turnkey plan for a 17,000 square-foot facility that would require the installation of over 15 machines. Thanks to this expansion, the hospital is now able to provide more preventive care and women’s health procedures than ever before.

All companies say they put safety at the top of their list. What do you do to prove your dedication to a safe working environment?

Safety is first and foremost, for our employees, for our clients, and for their patients and customers. All of our employees are OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) certified and stay current in their training through classes, including those that are held onsite in our offices. Our employees are constantly aware of their surroundings and work conditions and do not overlook any detail in keeping a facility safe while working within it.

Why did the employees of Excalibur Group get into the business of medical diagnostic device installation?

It’s a demanding business with a serious, long-lasting impact on the health and wellbeing of people of all ages. That may be a huge responsibility, but knowing that our hard work makes a difference in people’s lives is what keeps us going. Every member of our staff is unique, but the common thread is that we all know someone who’s had to utilize medical imaging for health reasons, whether it be friends, loved ones or ourselves. What we do is difficult, but ultimately very rewarding.

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