Diagnostic imaging facilities can generate as much as 20 dollars in revenue per minute per modality. Down time for our clients is an emergency situation that affects both their ability to provide patients with quality healthcare services, and their bottom line.

At Excalibur Group, we offer a maintenance service contract for every HVAC and mechanical system we install to prevent problems from occuring and to provide immediate assistance when they do. In the event of a specific equipment malfunction, we send a response team of skilled engineers and tradesmen to assess the cause of the malfunction and to repair it as quickly as possible. In the absence of an emergency, we provide an extensive maintenance service contract as part of our chain of vertically integrated solutions for imaging infrastructure.

Our maintenance division demonstrates Excalibur's continued interest in maintaining an ongoing relationship with our clients and ensuring a worry-free operation of their diagnostic imaging or radiation oncology facility. We understand that the continuous operation of their modalities is integral to their success, and that the maintenance services we provide allow our clients to concentrate on their core business of providing healthcare solutions in a time-efficient, cost-minimizing manner.