Excalibur Group continually seeks to diversify its client base by leveraging strategic partnerships with device makers (Philips, GE, Hitachi, Toshiba, TOMO Therapies, Siemens). Also, our device maker sales force provides entry to new projects and new client relationships.

We also accomplish this by entering exclusive partnership arrangements with corporate conglomerates of imaging and radiation oncology centers, and continuing to meet and bid for work on owner/operators of freestanding imaging and radiation oncology centers.

Furthermore, we attend events for hospitals to gain greater visibility, as well as tradeshows and health care conferences (Radiological Society of North America, ASTRO, UBS Health Care Services Conference, BIO CEO Conference).

Corporate Partnerships/Joint Ventures
Our research shows that joint venture opportunities on the rise as distressed hospitals and freestanding imaging/radiation oncology practices seek streamlined operations through corporate partnerships. Joint ventures require capital upgrades in facilities, equipment, etc. to accommodate integration processes.