When you consider the intricacies involved in designing and developing medical device facilities, there is no room for risk. The firm you hire must be well-versed in the installation of MRI, PET/CT, x-ray, mammography and nuclear cameras, surgical tables, linear accelerators, cyber knife technology and other advanced medical therapeutic equipment. There also must be a profound understanding of what is needed to house such delicate machinery, for example, adequate steel reinforcement to carry the tonnage and the proper configuration for shielding rooms to handle radiofrequency and radiation. When you need a firm you can trust, look no further than The Excalibur Group.

One of the major difference-makers is our turnkey program, which streamlines the entire process and provides the customer with excellent value. Through this program, we monitor all phases of the project, taking care of the initial design, materials, construction, and even the paperwork and permits associated with such a vast undertaking. Additional benefits include our proficiency in metalwork and millwork, allowing us to fabricate truly superior design solutions. And, we always take into account the sensitive environments that we are operating in, knowing that patients are being treated and employees must not be inconvenienced.

Our project management model is second to none; we know the quality that goes into our materials and the time that must be incorporated into the work schedule. Just like any substantial construction project, a strong reputation is not built overnight.